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New generation pioneers

In a journey that paralleled the Great Pioneer Trek, I made it to Zion this week. Monday I started a new job in Logan, Utah.

The job hunt has been a long and arduous one, starting in August. My wife and I spent a lot of time on our knees in fasting and prayer to find the right place for our family and the right job for me. It's been a huge spiritual growth experience for me. This is by far the biggest decision I've made since joining the Church 13 years ago, one that completely changes almost every aspect of our lives. I had to learn to really seek Divine direction and trust my own faith in personal revelation in ways far beyond anything I had ever done. The Lord in his great loving way has gently guided me here.

My wife asked for a blessing about the whole situation a while back, and in the blessing the Lord told her that he was preparing "a place of inheritance" for us, and that she should look to the pioneers for ways to build her faith. To me this has really been similar in many ways to what the early Saints experienced.

The first and obvious similarity is that we're converts who joined the Church in the Midwest, and not without some disapproval and flak from our families. We left home to "join the Saints" out west, again disappointing many family members.

The early Saints traveled without really knowing where they would end up, or even how far they would walk each particular day. The emotional side of our journey was like that, we didn't know when any of the pieces would get put together. We had to keep moving forward spiritually, with the really know what was at the end, or where the end would be.

Every since I started working for myself, I had to learn how to rely on the Lord for everything. Food, clothing, shelter, clients, all came from the Lord, many times in miraculous ways. I had a feeling in the back of my mind that something was going to happen after the first of the year, but it was nothing more than a feeling. Since I didn't want to be in the situation of taking on a new full-time job when I had a plate full of client work, I stopped pounding the pavement for new work and just kept the few clients that had open projects at the time. It was financially tight, but again, we relied on the Lord for our sustenance and he provided just enough for our needs.

The physical journey itself was reminiscent of the pioneer's travels. Everything from bitter cold (I stayed one night in a hotel with barely any heat when the temp was -20 F), to the car breaking down multiple times (broken oxcart wheels, anyone?) and me slipping into illness and fever. This all happened on the way from Michigan to Logan.

All in all, this has been a period of immense spiritual growth for me and I've gained a closer relationship with my Father in Heaven. And now I live within minutes of the temple, instead of half a day!
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Good luck man. We already miss you. The young men are making aninja movie for their cinematography merit badge. That's something the pioneers didn't have - ninja movies made by boy scouts. Life has really gotten better.

So, you did make it.
Congrats and best wishes

Zion this week. Monday I started a new job in Logan, Utah

That can always be a lot of stress, but a lot of hope as well.
Neurolinguistic Programming

In the early 1970s in America Richard Bandler, then a young college student studied the work of Fritz Perls and later Virginia Satir and found that he could reproduce their high-level therapy skills to a degree that even surprised him. Bandler seemed to have a natural ability to mimic (model) the language patterns by Virginia and Fritz.

At the University of California at Santa Cruz, Bandler who was well versed in the teachings of patterns in mathematics and computers teamed up with a college professor, John Grinder to help him understand the processes that were at work. Soon Bandler and Grinder, who used what he knew about patterns in linguistics, created a new model for personal growth called NeuroLinguistic Programming.

Bandler and Grinder had set out to model the hypnotic skills of Milton Erickson. They had astounding results. They built a communication model about human "thinking" and "processing" and used that model of how we see images, hear sounds, reproduces smells and tactile experiences in our mind to track and model the structure of subjective experiences.

Sounds very complicated but really it works very simply. Here is an example as used by Paul McKenna - probably the best & most successful hypnotist in the world.

Close your eyes and think of a negative memory. Become involved in the situation as best as you can. Feel the emotions that you felt, see the things you saw and hear the things you heard.

Now take that memory and project it onto a mental screen seeing yourself in the picture. Put a frame around the picture and view it as if it is an old photograph. Next drain all the colour from the picture and shrink the screen to the size of a matchbox.

Have the feelings associated with the picture decreased in any way?

Another good example of NLP involves Anchors. Have you ever smelt a certain perfume or aftershave and had it remind you of a certain person or situation? Gone to a certain place that brings feelings long forgotten flooding back? Or been in any situation that creates emotional responses that would not normally be associated with it? Well if you can answer yes to any of these then you have experienced anchors. Some anchors are associated with positive feelings and some with negative emotions. However, you should be aware that anchors can be consciously installed or already existing ones altered. Here is an example:

Think of a time when you were really happy. If you can't think of one then imagine something that would make you feel really happy. See what you would see, hear what you would hear and feel what you would feel. Really get into the picture and try to experience it as though it were happening now.

Now brighten the colours and make them richer. Increase the volume. Make the picture bigger, brighter, louder. That's it and more and more....

Now press your first finger against your thumb and fully experience your happy feelings. Do this everyday for 2 weeks and you will create an anchor that will instantly recreate these feelings. Whenever you want to feel like that again just press your thumb and first finger together and wham the feelings will come flooding back! Don't believe me? Just try it and see!!!
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