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Marsha J. Evans is retiring as the head of the US Red Cross following the criticism of the agency's actions in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. "Evans, a former head of the Girl Scouts of America, took over as Red Cross president in August 2002. At the time <b>the organization was shaking off criticism of how it handled some of the donations sent in response to the September 11, 2001, terror attacks.</b>" (, AP story)

In related news, FMH recently posted about the care and handling of trolls.

I've been noticing a trend in the past decade or so that our world is becoming extremely polarized. I'm worried a great deal about this. It seems that in many places we've become a world were "my way or the highway" are the predominant stances people take. I can't tell you how many web forums I've abandoned because they became rife with polarized trolls who quickly brought every thread into a flame war. And don't get me started about how divisive politics are. It's all too obvious the rarity of real communication and cooperation between Democrats & Republicans, one always against the other's ideas no matter what. And they always have a mountain of "evidence" from "experts" to back their claims.

How did we become so critical? I agree there is a need and a place for critical dialog and debate, but it seems that we're overwhelmed with shouting blindly at anyone who's ideas oppose.

One of my favorite media moments this year came when Jon Stewart of The Daily Show was a guest on Crossfire (here's the clip if you haven't seen it). For those unfamiliar with it, Crossfire is a basically a political shouting match between Far Right and Far Left thinkers, each trying to drown the other in insults and rhetoric. Mr. Stewart comes on and tells them, point blank "Stop what you are doing. This is bad for America. You're hurting us with your partisanship and bickering." No matter how much his shocked hosts tried to weasel out of it, he held them to the fire as many in the US applauded.

To debate and involve one's mind in critical analysis is needed and healthy. We can't progress as a society without us asking questions in order to find a better way. But I fear that with the pendulum always swinging from one side to the other, we losing hope of forward progress.

This isn't the way of the Savior.
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TIme I left a comment. I find myself become less enamored with the bloggernacle and MA. The honeymoon in getting over. What you find in the gospel of Jesus Christ is truth. Perhaps not every detail but truth nonetheless. What it seems that we get from the nacle and similar sources is honesty. Honesty is not necessarily truth. Honesty of opinion regardless of the consequenses is much easier to express when it is done anonymously. And even when a real name is used usually we are commenting to strangers.

Another thing I am starting to not like is that to be noticed and included at MA you must be controversial and contentious. That is really not me, but I find myself deliberately addressing topics that will stir up a little controversy just to feel like I am being heard. Is that why I started doing this? No.

I think this medium brings out raw honesty and controversial topics amongst anonymous strangers. Not the best environment in the world. Maybe I'll make a post on this.
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