Wednesday, October 26, 2005

So, who is this guy anyway?

By way of introduction, I'm the Narrator (Nice to meet you).

I've hung around the "Bloggernacle" for a while, lurking here and there and finally decided to throw my hand in the ring. I've decided to blog pseudonymously for a bit at first, to see how things shake out. In reference to recent events (Bannergate) I feel I must declare that I am a real person, not the experimental construct of someone's literary fiction.

I joined the LDS Church in 1993. I may tell you the story at some point later. Right now, my wife and I have 5 children, 1 girl (13) and four boys (11, 6, 5, 16 mos.) and live in the midwest. I'm currently serving as the Young Men's President (going on 3 years). It's been my favorite calling, bar none. Since we're a smaller ward out here, we don't have a huge group, but "My Guys" (as I call them) keep me on my toes. One of the best moments in this calling came when one of our Deacons (the super-popular, 3 sport jock type) introduced me to one of his non-member friends. "This is Brother Narrator, he's pretty cool". When you're middle aged, balding and chubby, that's a huge compliment.

I own a small freelance business doing advertising and web development. By way of hobbies, I enjoy archery, martial arts and art. I love the Sci-Fi channel, US History and pizza with lots of meat (see the reference to "chubby" earlier).

From what I read on the 'Nacle, I'm about in the middle of the spectrum as it relates to the Church. I'm not one of those walking Church History books or one that can debate the scriptures for hours. I'm also not extremely critical of the Church from a policy or doctrine standpoint, although I try hard not to let myself become an LDS lemming either.

I'd like to have this place be one where I can post my thoughts and ideas and we can have some good discussion. Comments are always open.
10:40 PM by The Narrator  Link
Welcome to the Bloggernacle.
I look forward to stopping by here. You seem like my kind of guy, midwest, convert, chubby(some may substitute 'fat' in my case). Anyway, welcome aboard.
Welcome to the Bloggernacle. We need some more folks from flyover country.
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